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Selling Cola in Arab

One day I met a friend of mine. He was a salesman for a Cola company,
posted in the Middle East. Seeing him back home,
I got surprised and asked," Weren't you supposed to be in Arabia?"

He gave his account thus.
"I got posted in the Middle East. I was very confident that I will make a
good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown
there. But I had a problem as I didn't know to speak Arabic. So I planned
to convey the message through pictures. I
made 3 posters:

First - A man crawling through the hot desert sand totally exhausted and

Second - The man is drinking our Cola.

Third - Our man is now totally refreshed."

"That's a very good ad", said I," what can be a problem with it?"

He replied, "I didn't realize that Arabs read from right to left."


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