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Mother's Love

In a small village not far from the town, lived a poor woman with her four year old son, Tommy. Every day Tommy helped his mother by sweeping the house, washing the dishes, getting the water from the well for their tea. His mother taught him how to make his bed in the morning, and sometimes he prepared the breakfast for himself and his mother.

When Tommy was six, his mother decided he should go to school and this really gave Tommy great joy but he didn't like leaving his mother alone; but his mother encouraged him to go to school so that he could learn more.

So every morning before Tommy left for school, he did everything like he used to do. This made Tommy late sometimes but it didn't worry him because he loved his mother very much.

One day, one of To"mmy's best friends asked him why he used to come to school late. Tommy told him he had to help his mother to clean the house and pick up the rubbish before he left. Tommy's friend laughed and said, "Your mother is treating you like a servant, she should do all those work by herself and let you come to school so that you won't be late every day. If I were you, I would ask her to pay you for all the work that you had done."

Tommy thought that all his friend said was right, so all the way home from school, he was wondering how to let his mother know what he wanted. Finally, an idea came.

Next morning, Tommy woke early, prepared himself and went off wIthout anything to eat, and without doing any work like he used to do; before he left, he put a letter on the table. Mother woke up and found out that there was a big difference in the house - nothing was done, not even his bed, the rubbish was still there, no breakfast etc: She came in the kitchen and saw an envelope on the table, so she sat down and started to read what was written.

Dear Mum,

I realize now that you are treating me like a servant, not as your real son, so I would like you to pay for all the work I have done.

For making my bed every morning $4.00
Sweeping the floor $2.00
Picking up the rubbish $4.00
Getting water from the well $3.00
Preparing breakfast $2.00

The total is $15.00

I want this money when I come home.

Your son Tommy

His mother could hardly see anything, her eyes were full of tears and her heart was heavy. After school, Tommy came quickly home, he felt happy that his mother could give what he wanted. When he arrived, he opened the back door quietly and went in, he was very happy when he saw a white envelope on the table; he took it and went inside his room and started to read.

My dear son,

I accepted with much love and joy what you have asked for, but before I give
you the money, I would like to tell you how much I love you.

I carried you in my womb for nine months - no charge
Washed and clothed you - no charge
Fed you - no charge
Cared and watched over you nights and days when you were sick - no charge
Took you to school - no charge

So when I add them all up the full cost of my love is - no charge

At that moment, the door opened and mother came in to give the money to Tommy, but Tommy was crying and trying to say something.

His mother said, "My dear son, are you not satisfied with the money I am giving you? I am really sorry, you know I am very poor so that's all I could afford."

Tommy came and knelt in front of his mother and told her that he was sorry, and he had been influenced by his friend. So starting from that time, Tommy and his mother once again lived happily together.

So always have an unconditional love as the love has no charge.


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