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Telugu Movie Direction

How ridiculous can direction get! Here is a sample. This describes three
scenes in the movie "Sambhavi IPS" starring the ACTION heroine

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Sambhavi IPS

Cast : Vijayashanti, Telangana Shakuntala, Costume Krishna
Director: Nageshwara Rao

Vijayashanti has three thugs chasing her. She has only one bullet in her
pistol. She takes out a knife and places it before the gun. The bullet
splits into three and the thugs die.

Next: a gangster is chasing La Femme Sambhavi. The lady has a gun but no
goli (bullet) in it. So she waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as he
does, she opens the bullet compartment of her gun and catches the bullet.
Then, she closes the bullet compartment and fires.

Reliable sources in Tollywood say there was another scene where
Vijayashanti suffers from a brain tumor that, according to the doctors,
can't be cured, and her death is imminent. Then, in one of the fights, the
lady is shot in the head and the bullet passes through her head taking the
tumor along with it, and she is cured! But they had to chop this scene out
because the running time exceeded its tolerance limits. Long Live Lady


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