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Every thing we do in our life has a purpose. And my site is no exception. Before I set out working on my homepage, I knew that it would take me a long time (it took me three months working only on weekends to complete this site). And to keep up the tempo, I needed a purpose, a vision. And here are the three goals which kept me going for these three months:

1) To share with people the happenings in my life

The only way you can get to know me and what is happening in my life is now through the Personal section on my website. So that no matter where you are you are always connected :-).

2) To make it a place for re-visit by providing entertainment material

The Entertainment section has a collection of jokes, riddles, articles, etc. which is updated on a weekly basis so that whenever you re-visit, you have something new and interesting waiting for you!

3) To make it a place where useful applets can be accessed

And this is the reason why the Utilities seciton is here. And the best utility is the Chat utility. This is especially useful when you are only able to browse sites and your company has blocked ports to yahoo, msn, icq, etc. You can just ask your friend to log into this page and start chatting! Its just a click away!

If you are also interested in building your homepage, then don't forget to visit the About This Site page which gives you an insight into what is involved in designing a homepage. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the website ... and do not forget to give your feedback at the Feedback section ...


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