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  • Added a new Open Diary section. This is in a very crude form currently. Future plans include addi
    ng a calendar like interface where one can navigate to any date with ease.
  • Inspired by the site I have decided to make my website compatible with all the famous browsers. This would mean
    now my website can be viewed in IE/Firefox/Opera/links (I have not yet tested in other browsers). Thanks to my IIIT classma
    te Sagar, for informing me about this site. Anyway, everything comes for a price and so does this. Earlier when my site was
    especially customized for IE, scrolling the main content was much easier because menu and navigaion pane would remain stat
    ic. But I think its worth losing this single feature to make it cross-compatible with all the major browsers:-).
  • Added many new entires in the Entertainment section.

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