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Love Algorithm

This algorithm has been tested and works fine.

1. Search for a most-beautiful girl.Find a way to talk to her. Finding a
reason depends on your skill.
You have to find a reason because she would never approach no matter how
frustrated she is.

2. If you don't succeed got to step 1 again.

3. Start with some concrete point and slowly slowly shift to her personal

4. Ask her for coffee like: "You are busy right?".She will say "No". and
then "You don't like coffee?".
No direct thing like "Would you please come for coffee with me?"

5. Asking for lunch:
When she has finished her lunch, approach her and ask "Had lunch?". She will
say "Yes".
Than say "Hey, you didn't call me". Next day she will call
you.Nodirect pleading like: "Please have a lunch with

6. Well, how to ask for having coffee outside(in some café): Tell her that
this coffee is not good. Tell some technical reason. Then
tell her that that café nearby serves a damn good coffee. Next day either
she will ask or you ask her in some indirect fashion.

7. When you want her to take on some outing...
"You know last evening it was really a great fun. We all friends went to ABC
It's a beautiful breeze..Complete clamouring..No
rush..Wow..We enjoyed a lot."
Hopefully next time she will ask herself to take her to that place. if she
doesn't, ask "Hey lily, we are going to ABC park. Are you coming?"
She will. No compelling..Nothing..

8. If you don't succeed go to step 5 again.

9. When you cross the road, she needs help..Just hold her hand and help
This will be your first time when you are touching her..Dont be
excited..Pretent as if everything is normal.
Now even after crossing the road don't leave her hand. Even while talking.
If she throws your hand away..and gets serious.. Just get up and sit far
from her and say "is that ine now?".. Show a bit of anger..and make her
realize that she is a very backward and
has no sense of new society.. "Don't know in what era you are living".

10. If you don't get a chance to hold her hand, just be patient till you
drag discussion to some Palmist's story.

11. Now 50% part is finished.

12. Keep on playing small tricks..
Try insinuating thoughts into her mind:"Aishe mat dekho..Pyar ho
jayega..hehe:)(followed by smiles)".

13. rest is on you..



Theory: When you say the things like "I LOVE YOU"," I love you so much"," I
can't live without you".It means you have completely given your self into
her hands and you are on her sympathy
now. She would never fall for you...and if u rnt rich she would never

"Tum bas ek friend ban kar rah jaoge"...

Actually, The whole system is made up of small units having relation of
master-slave.(as per Lacan)

Once you propose or say the things like "I love you..I can't live without
you" become slave.

15. If you really want to admire(not adore) her:

"Hey, pink color suits you. You are looking cute". "I like the way you say
" ""...etc etc.


16. On phone..Always hang the phone before she does.

"Hey, I was just thinking about you. bla bla bla...

I have got some call We will talk in the evening/after some time".


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