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The Child In 'Rahul'

The Child in 'Rahul'

It was almost an year and half ago,
that I met this guy who doesn't have any ego.
I found that he was from Hyderabad
but he insisted he was from Secunderabad.

He often spoke in a childish way
Little did I realise that he would come my way.
His speech was very sluggish
as he mixed Telugu and English.

He was a child at heart,
But that is only a part.
For he has an unique art,
with which I shall never part
That's something associated with a rare greatness
And that's his frankness.

Honest and sincere,
He always speaks without any fear
(and may be that's the reason why he is so dear).

But let me tell you the fact
The fact that he is still a brat.

It may or may not fog
But he always sleeps like a log
I bang the door and scream
Yet he continues to dream.

Finally he picks up his brush
But what a pity he doesn't care for his crush
He comes to the class without combing his hair
And to me that doesn't appear fair.

The brat that he is, he has the cheek
To sit in the first row, with the lecturer at his peak.
As Kaul explains about the Karnaugh map,
he puts his head on the bench and has a nap.

The brat also has some interesting hobbies,
those related to softwares,CD's and floppies.
He goes to the lab in search of a software
and the child gets delighted when he finds a freeware.

When he gets a query from his crush,
he answers with a gentle blush.
Crush apart,boys or girls,do not seem to make any difference
For he does'nt show any special preference.

He downloads and uploads files ,
even as the assignment load piles.
He is busy with the bloody installation,
although it is time for exam preparation.

But there is a quality in this child
To be calm when things get wild.
He has in the cool stuff ,
to weather and conquer the rough.

After the exams ,when he is fast asleep,
I open the door and have a peep.
Although the time continues to bide,
I still find Rahul a charming child.


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