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The Child Returns

And the child turns ???

Hush !!!! I caution Hash
As he is about to dash
For this is not the usual nap
The child has put on the spiritual cap

The child!!! I must be crazy
For things are never static
and the child is no longer hazy
Now,he is systematic( or system-attic??)

Early to bed and early to rise
The child has turned wise
Neither I bang nor I scream
For he is no longer in a dream

He is awake but deep in meditation
Which is a part of the modification
But remember it's only a part
For he has always been - a class apart

With new specs giving the professional look
He spends more time with the book
But then I put all this aside
To me Rahul is always a charming child

-luv forever
-friend forever
-ricky forever
Now, I guess the title should be "child forever"


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