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Have spent about 3-4 days on my website. Alright I know you won't agree with me ... because the output of my work will be visible mainly to Opera and Firefox users. Any idea on what I had been working on ? Yup u guessed it right ... I have been working on compatibility. Compatilitly with IE, Firefox and Opera and not only on Windows but also Linux platform. Some major changes are:

  • Borders did not appear in Firefox. This I figured out was because Firefox somehow falied to recognise the CSS "border" style which is a shorthand for mentioning the width, style and color of the border in one line. So as a solution I had to remove it and use border-width, border-style and border-color separately.
  • Positioning of "div" tag within a table cell isn't proper in Firefox i.e. it is slightly shifted. So I had to use a new table to which I applied the border and within which I used the "div" tag with its border removed.
  • On similar lines, Opera had problem with displaying data within a "div" tag which has "overflow: auto" style set. To overcome this problem, I used another table inside the "div" tag within which I moved the data.
  • One major change which I have done was to change font size from pixels to percentage. This would help for furthur compatibility. Of course as I was arleady using stylesheets, it was only about half-an-hour work :-).
  • Understood that most elements like "p" and "a" tags inherit style properties from their parent elements. This proved to be a boon.

Alright coming back to IE users, you may ask - "That's fine. But what do you have for me???". Well right now nothing new other a few additions in the archive section. But very soon this site is going to receive some major updates which include an article on "Windows Security", "Customize Linux" page for intermediate users of Linux and an internal search engine. So keep visiting and keep checking.


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