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Howdy! Happy Chirstmas and a Merry New Year!!! I hope everyone has a fun filled year and also hope I contribute more time to my website :D. In case you have not noticed (which I am sure you didn't :)), I have spent quite some time in converting the urls to SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Apart from that I am planning to implement the following in my website:

  • Captcha (for avoiding spamming)
  • Comments for user feedback
  • RSS for delivering content directly to feed readers

What I recently realized is that I am spending quite sometime in implementing all these functionalities. No problem with that. Except for that it would make more sense in utilizing the same time for writing blogs. Hence I have decided to switch to drupal, a CMS (Content Management System). Some additional reasons for this decision being:

  • Better navigation system for the blog
  • The biggest headache of maintaining a website is checking its compatability across different browsers on different platforms. I belive switching to a CMS will help me address this problem.
  • I was not following any good standards for storing data. I was planning to store my data in XML format but clubbed with other reasons I felt a CMS is a better choice.
  • While I certainly can implement much of the functionality (like adding comments, RSS), I seriously think it is not worth the effort because these solutions are already implemented by CMS.
  • With new features being implemented in web designing, these CMS would implement them pretty early and hence I needn't have the headache of implementing any new web designing features in my website.
  • Last but not the least, I did not feel there was much of a value add to me by implementing features such as comments in my website. I rather felt that moving my site to drupal would at least help me to get comfortable with drupal.

So there you have it :). Agreed, you can have more control over the look and design if you hand code every page, but the cons of moving to a CMS simply seem to be huge. Sooo, very soon, you can expect a new look and design for my website. I considered switching to Wordpress initially but from the reviews I read Wordpress is supposed to be good mainly for blogging. If you want to do many other things with your website (like Photo Gallery, Social Bookmarking), then drupal is the best choice. So keep visiting and keep watching for a completely renovated site.


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