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Hey You There ... I'm still ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Oh yeah, I'm still alive and my site is still very much active. It is just that I am standing up to the title given to me "The busiest man on this earth" :D :D. As always, the past few months have been extremely hectic. In no particular order, here are a few things which I did during the past few months:

- Prepared my company's financial records.
- Visited my friend's wedding in Namakal (near Salem), Tamilnadu. She was my colleague during Bangalore training. The wedding went good except for that I almost missed the train on my return journey. But I somehow managed to catch it in time.
- Kept visiting Global Technologies and IBM Service Center as my laptop kept hanging intermittently
- Purchased a new laptop (yeah baby .. it is a T61 which I had got it for a really good deal)
- Lost my mobile (the second one so far :( ) and would be buying a new one soon
- Last but not the least figuring out where my life is heading to (a never-ending activity ;) )

Anyway, our company is undergoing some changes of late and I need to think over it. Apart from that, here is one big advice for you all: ALWAYS GIVE LAPTOPS FOR REPAIR TO THE COMANY SERVICE CENTER ONLY. Because even big service companies like Global Technologies (in Parklane) can do foolish things like using a pencil rubber in your laptop.

Have quite a few things lined up. But I do hope to be more regular w.r.t posting articles on my site ... yeah yeah I know I always say the same thing :D.


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