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Long time dream to come true

Those who know me know that I am not someone who has many goals/dreams in my life. But among the very few I have, one of them is to contribute to the development of a good open source software. And today I seem to have come closer to accomplishing it.

Being a user of "open source" software for a very long period, I had always felt obligated to give back something to the open source community. When I had quit my job at Infosys, I did think of contributing to tvtime and also writing a software for accessing Gmail via IMAP. But that somehow did not materialize. But anyway I got lucky today and I have now joined a great team at Synovel as a resource hired through Spinaxys. I already know most of them as they have graduated from the same grad school as mine, IIIT. So that makes our pairing all the more fun. And to brief you about the product I am working on, it is essentially a collaboration suite for enterprises. More details can be found on their website.

So today marks the beginning of my venture into the open source developer community :D !!!


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