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Website Gets Powweb Hosting

If you had visited my site this week, you might have observed that it was down for the first three days of the week and for the next one day, it was acting weird. So here is the reason.

All these days I had my site hosted on my home server. There were two big problems I constantly faced - 1. Power cut and 2. ISP (Internet Service Provider) downtime. So I had a Home UPS system setup. This solved the power cut problem but the ISP downtime problem was still there.

Getting a highly reliable ISP here is quite costly. And all home ISPs (like the one I use) have frequent downtimes. This was the reason why my site was down for three days. Frustrated with this, I finally decided to move my site to Powweb hosting and that took me another day.

So what it means to you, my site visitor - 1. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed by the hosting service which means my site would never go down unless some maintenance activity is being performed and 2. Higher Bandwidth and no slow speeds.

I've still got to fix the feed and the gallery but apart from that everything should be working fine.


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