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PVC Tie Wire

A tie wrap is used to tie wires or objects together. It is mainly used for binding electrical wires, rods during construction, plants in gardens etc. They are of many types depending upon your need varying in the make, thickness, coated or not, etc.

The one I am going to talk here is a "Galvanized PVC tie wire" (thickness 1 - 1.2 mm). It is a steel/iron wire of 1-1.2 mm with PVC coating for insulation. I have been searching for this for the past 3 months and must have at least asked in 15 shops before finally finding a shop which sells it. It is available at "Pooja Electricals" near JNTU, Hyderabad. It might also be available in any big electrical stores. Here is a picture of it.

Sample Tie Wire

The reason why I have made the particular mention of this PVC tie wire is because I think it is extremely useful to us (at least to me who has a big bunch of wires at the back of his PC).

Using it for winding phone wires

Demo 1 Tie Wire

Using it for winding my computer wires

This image shows me using rubber bands previously which used to be a big problem because they used to become sticky due to heat and didn't even last.

Demo 2 Rubber Band

This second image shows me replacing the rubber band with the tie wire.

Demo 2 Tie Wire

This tie wire might not immediately be recognized by electrical store owner as it is also knows as binding wire / tag. They might also refer to binding wire as the one used in construction and may redirect you to a hardware shop. So it might not be a bad idea to take a sample piece of this wire if you are looking to purchase one.

Also as you can see I have quite a lot of that wire. They had sold me the bundle for Rs. 40 and weren't willing to sell half or quarter of the bundle. So here is one simple deal I got for you for reading this post of mine patiently. Come down to my place and spend some time with me and I shall hand over 3-5 meters of that cable. Now isn't that a lucrative offer ;) ?

P.S.: There is something known as Cable Tie which is actually more often used in electrical work for binding electronic cables and wires. And you get reusable cable ties as well. This is what I'd be recommending rather than PVC coated tie wire.


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