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Anybody interesed in buying high quality DVD?

*****DVDs SOLD OUT*****

I am buying 100 pack Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R. Taiyo Yuden DVD+R are considered to be the best for DVD backup and reliability. Anyway, as I will not be using so many DVDs, I intend to sell off 50 of them for Rs.20 per dvd with at least 10 per order (bulk orders may lower the price per DVD). I would like to know if anybody of you would be interested in buying these so that if nobody is interested I would order a 50 pack which would prove to be slightly expensive for me per dvd.

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Interested people can either leave a comment here or contact me.



i take 10

The DVDs have arrived. Let me know if anyone of you would like to purchase them.

me interested in dvd looking to pick up abt 15-20...but where are you based ? hyd it seems...and me

I've got a couple of requests for these DVDs from people located outside Hyderabad. I could ship these DVDs to other places such as Pune/Bangalore. But I am not sure of the extra amount it would cost to have these DVDs shipped. If you are ready to bear the extra costs for shipping (and packaging), I shall ship them. Drop me a mail with your details if you are interested.

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