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The Gnome Time Tracker

Here is a quick review of The Gnome Time Tracker. Time tracking software is used to keep track of the time spent on various activities. This is especially a boon for freelancers who want to track the amount of time they spend on individual projects.

While there might be other Time Trackers in linux, what especially made me like this software is its simple user interface and editing functionality. You can start and stop timers for your tasks. And if you had forgotten to start/stop the timer, you can later modify the times as well.

One small feature which I have simple come to love in GnoTIme is its ability to stop the timer automatically when there has been no mouse/keyboard activity for a certain duration. And later it prompts the user whether to restart the timer and what to do with the inactivity time period.

Be sure to check out GnoTime (if you use Linux) or other Time Tracking software (there will be many free ones in windows as well) if you want to efficiently track how your time is spent in front of the comp.

A review of GnoTime can be found here.



Interesting tool! I like Replicon ( ), currently been using it for almost 1 year and it has helped me setup a nice schedule and helps to follow the same. Supports multi-currency billing rates, iPhone and Mac interfaces and many other options are available.

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