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Update time!!!!!!!!!!

To begin with, I've become a permanent Secunderabad Club Member. My dad is a member and as I was below 16 years when my dad had become a member, I am given the privilege of becoming a permanent member as soon as I am 25. The interview was held a couple of weeks back and I received the membership letter last week.

Next, the big news. My sister is going to start working from next month. She has long been waiting for a job which will suit her interests and I think the patience has paid off. Her work involves managing a shop near Banjara Hills.

Lastly, I have now become a regular user of MMTS :). I have also purchased a pass. The office I visit daily is located near the station. And I look at this move as the triple benefit move - 1. Money saving 2. Exercise involving (as I need to walk from the station to my office daily) and 3. Energy saving (it is really tiring driving by yourself or traveling by bus). On a side note, I really can't deny that while working from home may have certain benefits, going to office daily definitely helps one manage time better as you complete your work at office and can concentrate on personal activities once back home.


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