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Airtel Broadband

After a lot of crying n cribbing over my previous ISP (You Tele) for almost more than a month, I have finally got a new ISP - Airtel Broadband. Though initially I faced some problem in finding out the details about some offer, the service was excellent once I had confirmed that I would be taking the connection. There was a one-day delay in the installation of the connection but I don't think that is a really big issue. The connection costed me Rs.500 (installation charges) + Rs.1000 (refundable security deposit). It is a 256 Kbps unlimited connection and the speeds are on an average 230 Kbps. The connection also comes with a free Airtel phone with 50 free pulses. As soon as the phone + modem were installed, I received a call from the Customer Care taking instant feedback. For more information on Airtel broadband and tariffs, visit Airtel.

My previous ISP (You Tele) was fine sometime back. But for the past couple of months, their service has deteriorated considerably. They took 10 days to fix an issue I had raised and after a couple of days, the problem was back. Also their support is poor. I remember an incident where I had pointed out to the Customer Care the possible problem but she denied it. And the next day they confirmed that the problem was indeed the same which I had pointed out the previous day. Anyways, I am using You Tele at office as well and it seems to be stable over there.

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