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British Library Hyderabad Review

Most of you must have heard of the British Library. I had been its member for one year. I had taken the Rs.1600 plan (this is the plan under which one I could rent DVDs). But I must say that I have been thoroughly disappointed. While I cannot comment on all the facilities provided by British Library, I must say that the DVD rental facility is pathetic (at least as of the day of writing this post). The DVDs available are really outdated. Out of those which I borrowed, 50% of them were not readable. Moreover only one DVD can be borrowed maximum at a time. This proved to be very disadvantageous to me as I don't stay close to British Library and it wasn't feasible to visit it often. And you could easily imagine my frustration when even this one DVD didn't work many times. So my advice is if you plan to rent DVDs you should be better off using your local video library or subscribing to an online DVD service such as Catchflix or Bigflicks. Also I once tried to borrow a book "The World is Flat". The waiting period for the book was 4 months. Though I have not ever borrowed any other books, I anticipate this is the case with most of the recent best sellers.

But British library might be a great place if you plan to visit regularly as it has a large collection of magazines and books. Apart from this, many events are regularly organized by British Library. So depending upon what you plan to use the British Library for and how frequently you plan to visit it, take the membership.


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