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India Online DVD Rental

For all you movie buffs out there, you might not be aware but now there are many Indian online DVD Rental companies. They offer not only free delivery but also free pick up. There are many plans to choose from. The important thing to remember about them is that not all of these companies offer top-notch service and sometimes they might caught a lot of distress with their bad support / quality.

A list of the online dvd rental companies available in India can be got from and A note about the latter site. I don't think their reviews are completely unbiased. in my personal opinion is a better option for getting unbiased reviews about dvd rental services. Also the information provided on that site may not be complete. For ex. the rate plans and the places where the dvd rental service is available might be outdated. Visit the individual site for updated information.

Among the most popular dvd rental services are,, and I've read mixed reviews about Seventymm and BigFlix (an Anil Ambani venture) but I've read mostly positive reviews about Movie Mart and Catchflix. Moreover I've personally used Movie Mart on more than one occasion and am quite satisfied with their service. Also their service is available all over India and they have got great rental plans. I would highly recommend Movie Mart for anyone interested in renting DVDs online.



try as well...they good...great collection of titles....being a hollywood sequel fan be it movies or tv serials like lost, oc season and others... I have seen all of them alraedy.....moreover..theri price plans are pretty good and affordable with unlimited access to dvds in the given period...

and once a member you will have regular updates about their promotional offers, pretty active must say......alwayss.....

Worth a try...

Bigflix is a Anil Dhirubhai company and I am not really a great admirer of the services provided by Reliance ADA Group ventures. I've not used any of their services personally but it is based on the feedback I got online as well as through friends. Unless you know anyone who is using their service in your area, I wouldn't recommend it. Of course, they have their outlets (Video Rental stores) at many locations in the major cities which might be a plus. But if you are looking for delivery-to-home option, you might give it a second thought.

with low prices why not buy.

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