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Simple Tip For People Who Can't Bargain

This is actually quite a silly post and I wouldn't be writing this if not for I having a similar experience twice within a single week.

The first case was when I wanted to get a key duplicated. I visited a shop and he told me it would cost me Rs.125. I felt it was costly and tried to bargain it for Rs.80. He initially refused but as I was coming out he agreed for it. Anyway, there was another store beside it offering the same service and upon enquiring he told me that the key duplication would cost me only Rs.65.

On another incident soon following it, I wanted to buy a nokia charger pin adaptor. In one of the stores I enquired he told me it would cost Rs.70. I felt it was unreasonable and enquired in a store beside it and it was being sold for Rs.20 over there.

I guess you've figured out what the simple tip for people who can't bargain is :). Yes, you are right! Be sure to enquire in two to three stores before you make a purchase. You might think as they are beside one another there might not be considerable price difference, but as you've seen in the above two instances, sometimes the difference might be considerable.

Ok, now please don't shoot me for writing such a stupid post :D :D.


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