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I had recently been on a visit to Kolkata with my wife and I had to book a cab for a day. After searching for cab services in Kolkata, I came across The tariffs they offered seemed to be decent and we were able to book a cab (an Indigo) just one day before. But our experience with the driver was bad. He was not very responsive. But this is not my major complaint. He tried to cheat us. I took the reading of the meter when we boarded the cab and at the end of the day I realized that he modified the entry written in the slip to add an extra 40 kms. Upon arguing with him, he agreed not to charge for those extra 40 kms. Not only this, I am sure he produced more than the actual number of parking bills. I strongly recommend that you stay away from this cab service.

Update 14 Dec, 2009: I put a mail via the enquiry form on their website informing about the same and I am at least not disappointed in that they replied to me promptly. Below is their reply. I shall update this post in case I get to hear from them again on this issue.

"Respected Sir/Madam

We will definitely look after this matter & please contact Mr. Soudip(M)9831492956 before you book any cab."



I booked a car on 10.03.2014 - sent details of place of reporting, time, name, phone number as instructed by SMS. I needed the car on 11.03.2014 at 5.30pm at Salt Lake. I was told that they would send me the driver's name and phone number by SMS. Since I got nothing, I called around 1pm on 11.03.2014 and was told that they would be sending the details shortly. Thereafter I called several times, they did not call me back even once. At 4.30 pm they told me that they would definitely inform me within 10 minutes - but nothing happened. At 5pm when I called they ultimately said that the Driver who was to pick me up, had been detained by another customer. Just imagine my plight at that moment as I had to catch a train!!!

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