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There is one feature I often missed in linux console - deleting to Trash. I often do a 'rm -rf' and then suddenly realize that I have accidentally deleted something which I shouldn't have. From now on, I needn't worry because I have started using trash-cli, a command line interface to the trashcan. This small utility provides commands to delete and restore files from the console. The version shipped with Debian is really old and has a serious bug which could destroy data. Updated version now available in Debian repos and this should be preferred to the next mentioned method. Run the below commands as root to install it:

# apt-get install python-setuptools
# easy_install --prefix=/usr/local trash-cli

Instructions for installing on other distributions are at Usage instructions can be found in the home page of trash-cli itself.

This is yet another one of those linux utilities which is very simple but is extremely useful. I love Linux !!!


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