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Diamond Books Publication Online Shopping Review

This is a review of my online shopping experience with Diamond Books Publication ( Without doubt, ordering through your online portal is one of the worst sales experience I have ever had.

I ordered a book "Learn English in 30 days through Telugu" using their online portal. After waiting for a couple of weeks, I called them up to find out the status, and the sales person Nikhil asked me to put him a mail. I did that, and when I did not receive any response, I again called them and reminded them. After a while, they called me back and informed me that they would be sending the book, but failed to do so. Eventually, after calling them 3 to 4 times and sending 3 to 4 emails, I got the book after more than a month. But the worst part is that after all the calls and e-mails, they sent me the wrong book. Instead of sending me "Learn English in 30 days through Telugu", they sent me "Learn Telugu in 30 days through English".

I sent an e-mail informing them of their mistake but they did not even bother to respond. Ironically though, after a few weeks, they sent me a copy of their monthly magazine "Cricket today" (could this be another goof up? Sending a monthly magazine instead of the book I have asked for?)

Anyway, there are two pieces of advice I have for my readers:

  1. Avoid Diamond Book Publication ( Their books might be good, but their online sales is pathetic. If you really need to buy some book of this publication, you could consider ordering it through other online book stores such as Flipkart.
  2. Always prefer to pay cash on delivery for online shopping, especially if the you are unsure of the service. That way, if the order is delayed unnecessarily or you do not receive the correct package, you can just refuse to pay the money.


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