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Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger Review

TekCharge MP1550 is an awesome mobile charger. I had purchased it from Amazon and got it shipped with one of my friends. Few things which I think are really cool about this charger are:

  1. Charger supports 7 different connectors. Furthermore there is a USB port, which means that theoretically any portable device that could be charged via USB could be charged using this charger.
  2. Charger uses AA batteries as its power source. This means that you can use alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries for charging your mobile.
  3. Includes voltage regulator so it won't harm your device or its battery
  4. Finally, this can also act as a battery charger to charge upto two pairs of rechargeable AA batteries. You can use the retractable input/output cable with the mini-USB adapter for charging the batteries.

I would highly recommend this charger especially for people using smartphones as smartphones' batteries tend to drain out pretty quickly.


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