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Now An Official Debian Maintainer

Today, my GPG key has been added to the Debian GNU/Linux keyring maintainers package, thereby converting me from a sponsored Debian maintainer to an official Debian maintainer.

A little history about this. My involvement with Debian packaging started while working on Synovel CollabSuite. The Darwin calendarserver which we were using as part of the product had an outdated package in Debian. Therefore I went ahead and upgraded this. As I had anyway upgraded it, I decided to get it into the official repository so that other Debian users could benefit from it. I got in touch with the then package maintainer, Guido Gunther, who gladly accepted my proposal. With the help of Guido's excellent mentor-ship, I pushed the upgraded Debian packages into the official Debian repo, and took over as the maintainer of the calendarserver package.

However, I was still a sponsored Debian maintainer as all my packages had to be signed by Guido. Today, with my GPG key being added to the Debian keyring maintainers package, I can sign and upload the packages by myself.

I hope that I'll get the time to continue contributing to the wonderful Debian GNU/Linux project, and that I will eventually become a Debian Developer.


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