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Stanley 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set Review

A few months back, I bought a Stanley 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set and there is just one thing I got to say about this - AWESOME!!!

I was initially not sure whether to go for the 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set or 10 Piece Multi-Bit Ratceting Screwdriver. However, I finally decided to go with the former as it had more number of bits and also came with a storage box. However, the biggest surprise that I got was that this set had a magnetic bit holder, which somehow transferred its magnetism to the bits :). The ratcheting property of the screwdriver is also good and it has an option to lock the ratcheting movement as well. I highly recommend the Stanley 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set to anyone who uses a screwdriver regularly.

Stanley also has an array of screwdriver sets to offer. Two other interesting screwdrivers sets offered by Stanley are the 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set and the Stubby Ratcheting MultiBit Screwdriver. While the former is useful for removing screws as that in a laptop, the latter is useful in cases of packed spaces. Apart from screwdrivers, Stanley offers a lot of other interesting and useful tools.

I am currently aware of the below two dealers of Stanley products in Hyderabad, India.

  1. A. AHMEDALLY & CO. (PVT.) LTD. - 27710017 / 27713434
  2. DARBAR TRADING CORPORATION - 40025380 / 27712349

Both the dealers and located in Ranigung, Secunderabad and generally offer about 15% discount on Stanley products.


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