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A Month At Lexity And Relocation To Bangalore

This post comes in a little late. I've recently joined Lexity, a startup with headquarters in Mountain View and branch office in Bangalore. Lexity is an E-commerce company which mainly designs products for small businesses with online stores, to increase their traffic and sales.

Work and environment have been pretty good at Lexity. I was given a choice of choosing my own laptop and because of my lower back pain, I decided to go for a Thinkpad X230 (~1.3 Kg). Colleagues are pretty friendly and are always ready to reply to my queries. Being a startup, there is no buffet for lunch as such, but we do get an option to order from a choice of nearby caterers. And the guy who has performed the best during the week also gets to decide and order groceries for the entire week. Work is fast paced here and being completely new to the e-commerce domain, it is taking me time to catch up but I'm pretty confident I'll pick up pace soon.

On my personal front, I've taken a two bedroom apartment exactly 1.6 Km from my office and I walk up and down daily. The building in which I took the apartment has been recently built and there is a common swimming pool and gymnasium for the residents. My wife is yet to move to Bangalore and I plan to make use of these health facilities once she comes here. Also, as we have many tourist spots around Bangalore, we plan to go on a trip at least once in a month. Oh boy, how badly I miss her :(!

That's it from my side for now guys. I hope I have a great time in Lexity and in Bangalore.



Hi Rahul,

I came across your blog on the web. I see that you work for Lexity, but now work for Vizury? How was your experience working at Lexity? Is it very hectic? Why did you leave after 4M? And how is it like working at Vizury?


Lexity has been acquired by Yahoo and no longer exists.

Work at Vizury is very challenging. As with other startups, it might turn out to be a bit hectic. But it is pretty good place to work for, especially to learn new technologies.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities at Vizury, kindly get in touch with me via the Contact Me page.

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