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Work environment upgrades

After many months of contemplation, I have finally gone ahead and purchased a standing desk and a chair. Deciding on either of these is not easy as you are spoilt for choice. However, after some evaluation, I finally decided to go for a dual motor electric height adjustable desk frame from MojoDesk and a chair made by Aster.


Standing desks do not come cheap and the ones from branded companies (such as Featherlite and Godrej) cost around 45-50K. I initially considered them but found none of them was satisfying all my criteria. I looked at some standing desks in Alibaba as well but didn't feel confident ordering it from overseas. That is when I came across MojoDesk. Although MojoDesk has been in this business recently, they have already sold about 700 standing desks. Furthermore, their desks come with a 3-year warranty, which further increased my confidence with them. The dual motor electric height adjustable desk frame has three main features that I was looking for - 1. memory positions 2. minimum height adjustable to almost 2 feet and 3. width and height of the table top could be of my selected dimension. And under a discount pricing, I was able to get it for only 30 K. Although only the frame was being supplied, I was told that the table top would cost me additional 5 K (it actually cost me only 3.5K everything inclusive), implying that the total cost would be well under 35K, which was very reasonable. Taking into account all these factors, I went ahead and ordered a MojoDesk.

I received the MojoDesk standing desk frame within the estimated delivery time and it came in proper packaging. The instructions to fix it were straight-forward and there was no hassle in getting it set up. I immediately followed up with a few carpenters in my locality and got the table top made as well. It is recommended to have the table top made of plywood rather than particle board. Also, while the MojoDesk website recommends the board thickness to be 25mm, for plywood, 19mm should probably suffice unless you are planning to place a lot of heavy stuff on the table.

I have been using MojoDesk for a few weeks now and I am simply in love with it. The low height that it can be adjusted to (almost 2 feet) is very useful as your legs are not left dangling in the air when you are sitting and working. Also, the memory positions make it convenient to set it once and keep using it. And finally, the lack of a top gives you the flexibility to have one made of your own preferred dimension. MojoDesk definitely felt like one awesome purchase. Here are some photos of the standing desk.

MojoDesk standingMojoDesk sitting

MojoDesk memory positions

Aster chair

The other piece of equipment that I invested in recently was a chair. I visited a few showrooms and really liked the Featherlite Optima chair which was costing around 25K. However, my experience with chairs has been that unless you sit and work on them for a few days, you might not really be able to figure out if they are comfortable. Because of this, I was reluctant to buy a very expensive chair. While shopping around, I came across another brand Aster, which exclusively makes chairs. I visited their showroom and found their products to be of decent quality. One of their models, Icon High Back, was very similar to Featherlite Optima model. The finish and the quality obviously were not as good as Featherlite Optima but at less than half the price, it seemed like a pretty good deal. I have been using this chair for a couple of weeks as well and so far have no major complaints.

Aster Chair, Icon High Back Model

A chair and a desk are few of the things on which you spend a lot of time in a day. I definitely think that any investment in these two is worth it and I help my article will encourage you to invest in having a more ergonomic work environment.


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