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Relocation to London

About two years back, I relocated to London with my family.

It was not something really pre-planned. I was looking for job opportunities in late 2020 and a recruiter from Meta (then Facebook) reached out to me. I had managed to close a couple of other big tech job offers and was almost sure to join one of them. But then when Meta extended an offer, I decided to take it and explore what it was like living outside India.


Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!

Two years back, my wife and I did the "Valley Of Flowers" trek in Uttarakhand. While the "Valley Of Flowers" trek covered considerable distance (65 km in 4-5 days), it was pretty convenient as we always got to sleep in tents and never had to face the wrath of nature. The Roopkund trek, however, was a totally different story. From living in tents to hiking in rain with the cold winds lashing against my face, the Roopkund trek has taken my trekking experience to a completely different level. So, how did I prepare myself for the trek? Who was part of the batch? And how did we end up trekking in such harsh weather? Read on to find out all about it.


It's a girl!

I am pleased to announce that we have been blessed with a baby girl on Sep 26, 2014 5:57 P.M weighing 2.76 kg. I had strongly desired for a girl and this is like a dream come true. We decided to name her "Tanvi". Words can't describe my joy :).



A decade since I started my career!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of starting my career. Exactly ten years back, on June 14 2004, I, along with few of my schoolmates joined Infosys Bangalore for undergoing training. Ten years later, I am again working in Bangalore!

It has been a long time since my initial days in Bangalore. A very eventful journey of ten years, though not necessarily the most smoothest. But definitely with a lot of learnings. The three most important advices that I can give to people starting off with their careers are:


The Theeka Pan Experience

Another Sunday evening. With my wife not at home, I feel bored and decide to go to office and finish some pending work. After work, I go to a restaurant and have two delicious parathas. As I begin to walk home, I pass a paan shop where I had a meetha (sweet) paan the other day and had relished it. So, I go to the paan shop and not wanting to have the same flavour paan again, order for a theeka pan. I pay the guy and start walking home chewing the paan.


A Month At Lexity And Relocation To Bangalore

This post comes in a little late. I've recently joined Lexity, a startup with headquarters in Mountain View and branch office in Bangalore. Lexity is an E-commerce company which mainly designs products for small businesses with online stores, to increase their traffic and sales.


Now An Official Debian Maintainer

Today, my GPG key has been added to the Debian GNU/Linux keyring maintainers package, thereby converting me from a sponsored Debian maintainer to an official Debian maintainer.


And Rahul turns 30!

What an eventful decade this has been - Graduation, Work, Friendships, Break-Ups and Marriage. With all this experience, I do hope I've become wiser :).

Unlike every time when I'm generally not very enthusiastic about celebrating my birthday, this time I went with my family to a farm and spent the day there. Later, I met a very close friend on my way back home.

Unfortunately, my current activities is leaving me very little time to spend on my blog. I have a list of more than ten pending blog posts which I hope to publish soon.


Synovel CollabSuite Gets Deployed at IIIT-H

After a long wait, Synovel CollabSuite has finally been deployed at IIIT-H, my graduation school. Since I've graduated, I wanted to do something significant for IIIT-H and I got this opportunity through my current company, Synovel Software Technologies. This has been the largest deployment of CollabSuite to date, with about 3750 user base and more than 1000 active users. We did face a few issues in the beginning but they have all been resolved now. And now there is one more thing which has been pending from my side for IIIT-H - the alumni portal.


My First Smartphone - Motorola Fire XT530

At last, I get my first smartphone - Motorola Fire XT530 which is based on Android. And this was a gift from a very close buddy of mine - Srikanth. He wanted to gift me something for my marriage, and I put it off till my second anniversary as I wanted his gift to be something very memorable. And this has proved to be a really wonderful gift.



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