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Gallery Access Restricted

Owing to privacy concerns, access to Gallery has now been restricted. Kindly contact me using the Contact Me page for username and password to view my photo gallery if you are interested.


26 Birthday Photos

After almost three months of my birthday, I am now uploading the photos :). Part of it was because these snaps were taken by my friend's camera and it took time for me to get hold of them and part of it was because I couldn't take out the time (read as bad at time management) to publish them. Anyway, you can now access them at .

And a special note of thanks to my friend Veena for accompanying me throughout the day. My day wouldn't have been so much fun without her :).



It has been quite sometime since I've written an article with that title. Anyway, I've been really busy for the past few weeks (like I was ever really free :)). One might wonder that I have been doing a hell lot of activities but the truth is that I've been doing just two activities most of the time - 1. Sleeping and 2. Coding. Yeah something seems to have gone wrong with me. I've been sleeping for about 9 hours every day during the past couple of weeks.


My Best Friend's Matchmaking

So who is the best friend - Srikanth (hereby referred to as the Hero). Who is the girl - Gayathri (hereby referred to as the Heronie). And who is the matchmaker - Me me me (well I was at least part of the matchmaking committee).


A Perfect Day for A Perfect Beginning

As most of you might have already known, my company Spinaxys had not been doing that well of late. The biggest hurdle we faced was that none of us had enough contacts in the industry. With time running out and our cash reserves exhausted, we decided that we would call it quits for the time being and perhaps at some later point of time get together and take another shot at entrepreneurship.


Time To Vote - Lok Satta

"The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of bad men." - Plato.

To: ....

Sub: Time To Vote

I'm Feeling Nostalgic

I had worked as a consultant during the past 5 months for a start-up Synovel which has been co-founded by my seniors. These guys have been doing some great work in the collaboration domain and their product Spicebird is definitely worth checking out. Below is the mail which I had sent an hour back upon reaching the end of my contract.

From: Rahul
To: Ashok, Sivakrishna, Prasad, Sunil
Subject: RE: Feedback

And my role at Synovel concludes :).


Airtel Broadband

After a lot of crying n cribbing over my previous ISP (You Tele) for almost more than a month, I have finally got a new ISP - Airtel Broadband. Though initially I faced some problem in finding out the details about some offer, the service was excellent once I had confirmed that I would be taking the connection. There was a one-day delay in the installation of the connection but I don't think that is a really big issue. The connection costed me Rs.500 (installation charges) + Rs.1000 (refundable security deposit).



Update time!!!!!!!!!!

To begin with, I've become a permanent Secunderabad Club Member. My dad is a member and as I was below 16 years when my dad had become a member, I am given the privilege of becoming a permanent member as soon as I am 25. The interview was held a couple of weeks back and I received the membership letter last week.

Next, the big news. My sister is going to start working from next month. She has long been waiting for a job which will suit her interests and I think the patience has paid off. Her work involves managing a shop near Banjara Hills.


Gallery Up!

The gallery (photo album) of my site is working again. There have been no new albums added though. With this the migration of my site to the online hosting provider can be considered complete.



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