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The Ultimate Hack for Chewing Food Properly

Chewing your food properly and eating slowly is universally recommended. However, in spite of trying to be aware of this, I still used to end up eating very fast. Until a colleague of mine, Jyotsana J, gave a key insight into why most of us tend to eat fast. This is one of those posts which might sound too trivial to write a blog entry about but it has been so effective in my case that I felt it is worth sharing with others. So, please don't judge me on this 🙈.


Simple Tip For People Who Can't Bargain

This is actually quite a silly post and I wouldn't be writing this if not for I having a similar experience twice within a single week.

The first case was when I wanted to get a key duplicated. I visited a shop and he told me it would cost me Rs.125. I felt it was costly and tried to bargain it for Rs.80. He initially refused but as I was coming out he agreed for it. Anyway, there was another store beside it offering the same service and upon enquiring he told me that the key duplication would cost me only Rs.65.


Cheap Heat Reduction Strategy

We (my colleagues and I) are currently working from a single room in the top floor (which means the room is exposed to the sun almost throughout the day). I was looking for ways to beat the heat other than using an A/C (as it is costly) and Air Cooler (as it would increase humidity which might harm the computer systems). This is what I finally did to address the heat problem.


Resources On English Improvement

Grammar Books

Two books which seem to have good reviews are:

  • Murphy’s English Grammar with CD-ROM by Raymond Murphy and
  • Advanced Grammar in Use with CD-ROM by Martin Hewings

There are a lot of other good books and I encourage the learners to read their reviews on and before buying them.

Improving your spoken English


Points to remember when learning a new task

I was brushing my teeth and talking casually to my dad when he suddenly passed a comment - "Rahul, the phrase 'Master of all trades, Jack of none' aptly suits you". It sounded humorous but I couldn't help pondering over it. Indeed my past was full of activities which I tried stepping into - dance, music (keyboard), swimming, driving, cooking, tennis and yet I doubt if I am really good at any one of them. But of late, I have begun to analyze and understand what I was doing wrong when compared to those people who seem to be good at everything they do. Here are a few lessons I have learnt.


MBA Gyan by Swetha Balla

I get quite a good number of emails asking me about my experience and about doing an MBA in USA. I wrote a couple of articles long back which are a part of my personal journal. I have changed some of the articles based on my learning experience and exposure after coming here. The whole section has been divided into various sections:

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