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Setting up Linux Gateway

Using this, you can set up your linux pc as a home gateway for all the other systems. For instructions on how to do this, you may refer the below links:



SSL/TLS enables you to communicate securely with your server. Most of the major protocols such as http, smtp, pop3, imap can use SSL/TLS. While TLS can be used over the same port, SSL has to be run on a different port such as https, smtps, pop3s, imaps. SSL has been superseded by TLS. You can find more information about SSL/TLS on Wikipedia.

StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority and are two CAs which issue free certificates.


Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS enables mapping of a dynamic IP to a fixed domain name. This is especially useful if you connect using ADSL services such as those of Tata Indicom, Airtel or BSNL as they provide a dynamic public IP every time you connect to the Internet. A public IP is a IP to identify the machine in the Internet (in contrast to private IP which is limited to intranets). Again both public IP and private IP can each be either static or dynamic.


The Gnome Time Tracker

Here is a quick review of The Gnome Time Tracker. Time tracking software is used to keep track of the time spent on various activities. This is especially a boon for freelancers who want to track the amount of time they spend on individual projects.


May The Source Be With You

May The Source Be With You

No idea who the author is but this one is really funny!


Apache2 + Tomcat5 + mod_jk

This is a straight forward step-by-step tutorial to set up Apache2 to server java content (jsp and servlets) through tomcat web server using mod_jk.

  1. Install apache2 along with dependencies.
    # apt-get install apache2

  2. Install tomcat5 along with dependencies.
    # apt-get install tomcat5

    Modify /etc/default/tomcat5 to set the correct path to JAVA_HOME directory (jdk needs to be installed and setup prior to installing tomcat). Then restart tomcat.
    # /etc/init.d/tomcat5 restart


Installing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper On Intel DG965RY via PXE / Network / USB

This article mainly covers the installation of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper (both Desktop Edition and Server Edition) on an Intel DG965RY motherboard. Anyone of you who have purchased this motherboard must have realized that most of the linux distributions fail to boot from the IDE CD-ROM. The reason for this being DG965RY uses Marvell PATA controller and this is not supported by anything but the bleeding edge kernels. So though the CD maybe booted initially, at the point where the kernel has to fetch the files from the CD-ROM the installation fails.


Partition Backing Up and Restoring Tools


Partimage is an excellent tool for taking backup of any partition. But please note that when you restore, the partition size should be the same as the original partition size. If it is less, the restore will not take place and if it is more the extra space will be wasted. Also the partition should not be mounted if you are taking a backup. As of version 0.6.0, partitions can be saved across the network.

Dump/Restore Utilities


TV Tuner software and remote control software

XawTV and TVtime

"xawtv" comes as the default tv watching program for Mepis. "xawtv" also features recording ability but I think a lot of work has to be done on this feature.

But when it comes to quality and full-screen mode "tvtime" rules. TVtime is installable via apt. The Indian cable settings are:

Default Television Standard: PAL
Default Frequency Table : Europe
Default Audio Standard : PAL-BG

Other TV viewing software


Mail Clients, pop3 servers, configuration settings

Mail Clients

Thunderbird and KMail are two excellent mail clients for linux users. I tried Evolution (it seems to be very popular) but it kept crashing and hence I had to stop using it.

KMail was excellent except for two problems - i. the composer does not wrap text automatically and ii. Support for IMAP folders is not very extensive.



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