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Popular Linux Browsers


Firefox is the best browser available for linux. What makes it so good besides its advanced features is it's wondeful plugins and extensions support. Firefox is installable via apt.

Useful extensions for firefox:


Searching Techniques in Linux

Here I shall cover the various techniques that can be used for searching.

Searching for files

"locate" works by maintaining a database of all the files which are present on the hard disk. When a search is performed for a specific file, this information is retrieved from the database. In order to update the database run the command "updatedb". For example,

# updatedb
# locate 'rc.firewall'


Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging - my favourite topic. There was a time in my graduation when I used to chat like hell and experiment with all the available messaging clients. My two cousins Sumana and Sujana and a friend Swetha used to always be the 'bakras' (scapegoats) bearing me :-). Times have changed now and I don't chat so much but that doesn't stop me from writing on my favourite topic. So go ahead and read it.

Gyach (Yahoo Messenger for Linux)


Auto-mounting partitions

The details of the partitions detected on the hard-disk is maintained in '/etc/fstab' file. Simply Mepis automatically detects the available partitions and adds them as dynamic entries in /etc/fstab. If you want to make that partition entry as static, you will have to move that entry above the line "# Dynamic entries below, identified by 'users' option" in '/etc/fstab/' file.


Mepis Basics

Now that I have convinced you into using Linux (I do hope I have :-)), it is time to get into action. This page is the first of the many pages which I am going to write as to how best you can customize linux to suit your needs. Now that we are all set, let's going.

Gettting and installing Simply Mepis


Introduction to Linux

Why Linux?

The million dollar question - Why use Linux? In my view, for three simple reasons.

  1. It is free
  2. It is more secure
  3. You don't have the problem of viruses

And my justifications for the above three reasons.



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