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Work environment upgrades

After many months of contemplation, I have finally gone ahead and purchased a standing desk and a chair. Deciding on either of these is not easy as you are spoilt for choice. However, after some evaluation, I finally decided to go for a dual motor electric height adjustable desk frame from MojoDesk and a chair made by Aster.



Stanley 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set Review

A few months back, I bought a Stanley 23 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set and there is just one thing I got to say about this - AWESOME!!!

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HyderabadLaptops or seems to be a division or an alias of AISS (Academy for Integrated Systems & Solutions) and deals with computer hardware. I got to know of this company while googling for laptop repair services. Generally, when writing a review of a product or a service, I tend to give an advice to my readers whether to use the product/service or not.


USB Flash Drive With Write Protect Switch

The first USB flash drive that I had owned, RiDATA 1 GB flash drive, had a hardware USB write protect switch. This was really cool as whenever I had to take a printout at some Internet cafe, I'd lock it and then only attach it to any computer. This way I was confident that even if the Internet Cafe's computer was infected with some virus, it would by no means affect the flash drive (which I'd later be using on my computer). However, of late, manufactures seem to have stopped putting this hardware write protect switch on USB flash drives.


Creating Audio CD Image

We all have heard of the ISO image format which is a very popular way of backing up data CDs & DVDs. A very easy way of creating an ISO image in linux is by using the dd or dcfldd command. Similarly, in Windows, applications such as Nero have an option to save a CD as an ISO image file. However, when it comes to audio CDs it is not possible to backup them as ISO image file as they have multiple tracks. Here are two ways to create an image of audio cd for archival purposes.

  1. Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger Review

TekCharge MP1550 is an awesome mobile charger. I had purchased it from Amazon and got it shipped with one of my friends. Few things which I think are really cool about this charger are:

  1. Charger supports 7 different connectors. Furthermore there is a USB port, which means that theoretically any portable device that could be charged via USB could be charged using this charger.

My First Smartphone - Motorola Fire XT530

At last, I get my first smartphone - Motorola Fire XT530 which is based on Android. And this was a gift from a very close buddy of mine - Srikanth. He wanted to gift me something for my marriage, and I put it off till my second anniversary as I wanted his gift to be something very memorable. And this has proved to be a really wonderful gift.


Replacement Laptop Keys

It may sometime happen that a key of our laptop breaks, or no longer works properly. Often the solution suggested for this is to have the entire laptop keyboard replaced. But this is not economical considering that laptop keyboards are pretty costly.


Nokia Symbian S60 SIP Clients

Here is a list of some of SIP clients for Nokia S60. Kindly note that these are generic SIP clients and not bound to any SIP provider as such.


Fake Kingston 32 GB Pen Drive

Recently a salesperson turned up at our office proposing to sell Kingston 32 GB pen drives for a very cheap price (Rs.1200 each). He claimed that he had stolen some of them from the port when the shipment arrived. We were not interested and so did not purchase any of them.

As soon as he left, we did a google for the actual price of Kingston 32 GB pen drive. What we came across was a large number of articles mentioning about fake 32 GB Kingston pen drives.



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