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Washing Machine

I generally avoid hiring a maid and like to automate the daily chores to the maximum possible extent. The biggest investment in this direction was the washing machine. This was purchased with the marriage gift money given by my Aunt Suchitra (Mom's elder sister). After reading several reviews and comparing the different models of washing machines, we finally decided to go for Whirlpool ABM551 5.5 Kg front load fully automatic washing machine. Some of the things we considered before purchasing this are:


Open Source And Free Software

Here is a little something for those new to the terms or those who are confused between these two terms.

For quite sometime, I had this simple idea:

Open Source - Software for which source is available
Free Software - Software for which we do not have to pay


A Two Year Old Pending Gift

About two years back my friend and IIIT classmate Swetha told me that she would like to gift me something. I told her that I'd let her know when I really need something. That is because then everytime I look at the gift I'll get reminded of her :). And now after two years, I finally asked her to gift me the linksys router WRT-610N. And all I can say is that it is an awesome gift. The Linksys WRT-610N is a high-end home router. In India it costs about Rs.10,500. It works out to be about 30% cheaper when purchased in US.


Cheapest VoIP Provider to India

Betamax, the company behind low cost voip services such as VoipDiscount has now come out with another offering Actionvoip. While Actionvoip does not provide free calls to any destination, it does provide the cheapest rate to call up Indian landlines (46 paise / minute) and mobiles (66 paise / minute). This is so far the cheapest rates I have ever come across for calling Indian phones.


Reduce loss by stolen debit or credit cards

Any idea on how much your wallet (+mobile) could be worth (generally speaking) keeping apart the liquid cash? - 60 k (credit card) + 25 k (debit card) + 5 k (calls using mobile SIM) = Rs.80000. So if someone gets hold of it and you don't become aware of it immediately, you could be robbed upto 80 K in a single day. Here are some neat tricks on minimizing the loss due to stolen debit/credit cards:


New Domain Registrar

While I was just settling down this morning to finish "The Google Story", I received a mail from my current domain registrar "" reminding me reg. the renewal of my domain "". And as always, I ended up spending a few hours reviewing the current domains and choosing what I felt was the best :).


Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

My site had faced a big downtime last week - for 4 consecutive days. Thanks to the then hosting provider Powweb, I had to face this problem. As a matter of fact, I had sent them a mail immediately when my site went down. They took 2 days to respond and said that the problem was fixed. But even after an additional 2 days my site was still down. This along with the fact that even previously there were frequent downtimes (about 2-3 hours per week) made me switch my hosting provider.


Comptia Network+ Certification Resources

Comptia is a certifying authority. One of its exams which I had given and cleared in April 2006 was the Comptia Network+ Certification. I wasn't planning to take it. But as I was anyway reading a book on Networking Basics (which actually was a guide to Network+ Certification exam), I decided to take it.


A Dussera + Diwali + Thanksgiving + Christmas Gift ...

And that would be a USB to SATA/IDE cable ... hee hee. About three months back I purchased an external 250 GB SATA hard disk. But as I wanted to use it for backup purposes I did not want to fix it inside the cabinet but keep it outside and access it via USB. For this purpose, I purchased an external SATA to USB enclosure from CTC, Parklane, Secunderabad and started using it. But soon I realized that it was hanging intermittently and the only way to access the hard disk again was switching off and switching on the USB enclosure.



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