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PVC Tie Wire

A tie wrap is used to tie wires or objects together. It is mainly used for binding electrical wires, rods during construction, plants in gardens etc. They are of many types depending upon your need varying in the make, thickness, coated or not, etc.


Increase Laptop Battery Life

Below are a few links which has some useful tips on increasing laptop battery life.


Free Long Distance Calling Using SIP (with Linksys PAP2 or any softphone)

Short and simple steps for the technically challenged

For this setup, you will have to first buy a phone adapter. A very good and cheap SIP phone adapter is the Linksys PAP2. This will cost around Rs.2500 in CTC, Secunderabad. If you want to use single phone for internet calling and normal telephone line, then you can consider buying Linksys SPA3102. (Note: Newer versions of these ATAs modelled SPA112 and SPA122 have been launched). After you buy the phone adapter, follow the below instructions to configure cheap calling to international destinations:


Informing search engines about change in url

I recently changed my website address from to due to some reasons. The biggest problem I was facing with this was that all my pages were previously indexed in Google with the website name Though I re-submitted my new url to Google (, the rankings were still for the old url. And I couldn't find any way of contacting Google customer care / any method to inform of the change in the url.


Domain Name Changed Again And ...

Do not forget to checkout my latest post on domain registrars - New Domain Registrar.

Hopefully the last time. Yes, is soon going to be obsoleted. The new domain name is And now I also have my own personal email id which is of the from The reason for the shift of the domain name is:


Javascript Naming Conventions, Coding Guidelines and Best Practices

While most of the popular languages (Java, .NET, C++) have elaborate documents on the naming conventions to follow, I couldn't find any such good document for javascript. All I could find was bits and pieces here and there. This is the main reason why I am creating this page listing the javascript naming conventions I follow. This may not be complete but I shall try to make it as comprehensive as possible.

1. All variables should be prefixed with a letter indicating the data type of the variable (Hungarian notation). These would be as below:

s - String
n - number
b - boolean


Activating BSNL AMS facility

BSNL offers AMS facility for its customers. And in my humble opinion, their service sucks. I had the AMS facility activated after a lot of trouble and then one fine day, it was deactivated for no good reason. I again had to go through almost the entire procedure for having it activated.

Anyway, my woos aside, here is the procedure for activating AMS. You initially need to call the AMS customer care (156) and ask them to clear your mailbox number. This is the steps they will ask you to follow.

1. Dial 170512.
2. You are presented with choices for language (Select 1 for English)


Website Designing Tips And SEO Techniques

It is now more than 2 years since I have launched my website. Below are some of the things which I think one should keep in mind while designing a website. This article was mainly written when I had a hand-coded website. Though now I am using a CMS (Drupal) for my website, I think most of the points still apply.

XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 Compliance


Contact Lens Queries

I started using contacts about a month back. Anyway, I had many queries related to the usage of contacts. Hence I mailed these queries to Customer Care (Bausch & Lomb). I use traditional daily wear (soft) contact lenses for astigmatism. But I think the below response applies to any soft contact lens. Below you can find the questions I have asked and the responses I have received. The below responses are by Neeraj Dabral, Professional Services Manager, Bausch & Lomb. Also Bausch and Lomb has a FAQ reg.


Suggesions for Buying a PC

Below are some suggestions before buying a PC. Please note that the PC market is changing rapidly and the information provided below may be outdated very soon.

1. Motherboard

The motherboard, processor and RAM as a set form the most important component because these three things determine the performance of the computer and act as a unit independent to a large extent of the other components. As I suggest you go for Athlon64 bit processors, it is best to select a Socket 939 motherboard.



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