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Internet Radio Player

UPDATE: Nightangle is now available for download. Ubuntu PPA repo is available as well . See
UPDATE: Songbird linux builds are available through contributed builds -


Windows Software and Utilities

Below are a list of the software and utilities which I use and find very useful.



Downgrading from Windows Vista Business / Ultimate Edition to Windows XP Professional

The biggest blunder I believe I had done while purchasing my Llenovo Thinkpad T61 last year was to have it shipped with Vista rather than XP. Because Vista sucks big time!! But there was one wise choice which I had made then unknowingly. I paid a few extra bucks and went in for Vista Business rather than Home Edition. This proved to be a boon because Microsoft offers a valid downgrade from Windows Vista Business / Ultimate Edition to Windows XP Professional. For further details visit


Need for Backup

Note: See also the follow up to this article about some of the Linux Backup Solutions

Some things are learned the hard way and the importance of taking backup was among those. While I will not get into the details about how to take backup I just want to stress on the importance of backups. Just consider one of the following real-life scenarios:

1. There is a huge power fluctuation and your entire hard disk gets destroyed.


Securing Your Windows OS

In this article, I shall be giving tips on how one can secure his Windows PC from virus, worms, trojans, hackers, spyware. I shall first start with a definition of all these terms, proceed to give a list of a few must have software and then suggest some other software to ensure maximum safety.


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