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A Perfect Day for A Perfect Beginning

As most of you might have already known, my company Spinaxys had not been doing that well of late. The biggest hurdle we faced was that none of us had enough contacts in the industry. With time running out and our cash reserves exhausted, we decided that we would call it quits for the time being and perhaps at some later point of time get together and take another shot at entrepreneurship.

With that, I began to explore other opportunities I have. And I think I was almost certain of joining Synovel. I had already worked there as a consultant for some time (refer I'm Feeling Nostaltic) and felt that this was the best place for me to join at this point of time. It had the perfect start-up environment. I knew the team well. I love the product I am working on. And I see a lot of learning involved. Though there is a remote possibility that I might go back to my company in the next couple of weeks (we are still waiting for a couple of responses) and the terms for my work at Synovel have not yet been decided, it can almost be taken for granted that I have joined Synovel.

And what a great first day it has been. Everything went as planned. I caught the 8.08 train (at James street) and was in office by 9.00. The day was considerably productive. I left office to catch the 17.39 train (at Hi-Tech city) and was in Sanjeeviah Park by 18.00. Exercised and was back home by 19.15. Took a bath, had dinner and then helped one of my friends with using phonetics. And now as soon as I am done with this post, I plan to go to bed. Overall, it has been a perfect day for a perfect beginning :).


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