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I'm Feeling Nostalgic

I had worked as a consultant during the past 5 months for a start-up Synovel which has been co-founded by my seniors. These guys have been doing some great work in the collaboration domain and their product Spicebird is definitely worth checking out. Below is the mail which I had sent an hour back upon reaching the end of my contract.

From: Rahul
To: Ashok, Sivakrishna, Prasad, Sunil
Subject: RE: Feedback

And my role at Synovel concludes :).

Well, I was planning to send this mail about a week back but I had to give some final touches to the code and documentation and I finally completed it today.

So feedback ante ... I have no specific feedback to give. One thing I did feel though was that it would have been better if someone had been with me while working on the collab server. There was one time in January when I felt completely lost. I felt it would have been a good boost if there was someone else working on the server code. Moreover, I think it adds accountability. So unless the person is "highly" self motivated, I think it is better to have at least two persons work on the same thing. Not like pair-programming but more like on related modules. This helps not only to keep the general motivation level up but also if one suddenly drops out the other person will know what he had been working on.

Nevertheless, I had a greaaaaaaat time at Synovel. Without any doubt, I can definitely say that after leaving IIIT, these 5 months were the ones I had enjoyed the most professionally. And it was great working with a team like yours (Believe me guys I really mean it). I had always wanted to work on linux and sys-admin stuff (actually this was the reason why I had quit Infosys) and Synovel helped me realize this dream (

I would love to continue the work I am doing currently (there is so much to be done) but the time has come for me to move on. Though I am a bit unhappy about not being able to continue work on Collab Server and leaving at such an early stage, I am also happy that I was a part in contributing to it.

Personally evaluating myself, I felt my progress was good in the beginning, slowed down in the middle and again picked up well in the last couple of months. As Babu has mentioned, it is true that we could not reach the targets we had set, but taking all the factors into consideration, I am quite contended with my work in the end.

So that's it guys. I know that Synovel has a great team and I sincerely pray that Synovel meets with great success (so that I can later boast that I had once worked for this company :p).

All the best to Synovel and for all your future endeavours.



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