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Roopkund Trek - Day 9: Driving back to Kathgodam and heading for home

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Day 8: Return to basecamp Lohajung.

The descent continued the next day, although, this time it was by vehicle and no longer by foot. At this point, group members began to split. Kapil, along with his buddies, decided to leave the earlier day itself. Others decided to proceed to their own destinations. However, a majority of us, including me, decided to head to Kahtgodam and catch the train to Delhi.

As we descended, we could see the clouds float in the air. And as we began to gain lower altitude, we came across wide paddy fields. At this point, the heart really feels like quitting the city life and to relocate to the mountains.

After a long 11 hour journey, including a stop at a restaurant for lunch, we reached Kahtgodam. We had a dinner at a restaurant, which was run by the brother-in-law of one of the group members. Post dinner, we boarded the train for an overnight journey to Delhi.

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