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Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!

Two years back, my wife and I did the "Valley Of Flowers" trek in Uttarakhand. While the "Valley Of Flowers" trek covered considerable distance (65 km in 4-5 days), it was pretty convenient as we always got to sleep in tents and never had to face the wrath of nature. The Roopkund trek, however, was a totally different story. From living in tents to hiking in rain with the cold winds lashing against my face, the Roopkund trek has taken my trekking experience to a completely different level. So, how did I prepare myself for the trek? Who was part of the batch? And how did we end up trekking in such harsh weather? Read on to find out all about it.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Departing from Hyderabad
  3. Day 1: Arriving at Kathgodam, meeting the group and heading to Lohajung, the base camp (altitude: 7700 ft)
  4. Day 2: Get, Set, Go! Heading to our first campsite - Ghairoli Patal (altitude: 10000 ft)
  5. Day 3: Trekking to the most beautiful campsite - Bedni Bugyal (altitude: 11500 ft)
  6. Day 4: Short visit to Ali Bugyal (altitude: 12200 ft)
  7. Day 5: Heading for the next higher campsite - Patar Nachauni (altitude: 12700 ft)
  8. Day 6: Reaching the highest campsite - Bhagwabhasa (altitude: 14100 ft)
  9. Day 7: An attempt to reach Roopkund and down to Bedni Bugyal
  10. Day 8: Return to basecamp Lohajung
  11. Day 9: Driving back to Kathgodam and heading for home
  12. Arriving at Hyderabad
  13. Summing up my experience

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