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Roopkund Trek - Day 5: Heading for the next higher campsite - Patar Nachauni (altitude: 12700 ft)

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Day 4: Short visit to Ali Bugyal (altitude: 12200 ft).

Today's trek to the next higher campsite started by going past the lake that we had visited the last day.

As we trekked through the mountains, we realized that the landscapes encountered today were drastically different from what we had seen during the earlier days.

As soon as we reached our campsite around afternoon, it began to rain. It continued to rain for a while.

However, the rain had not yet dampened our spirits. While some of them preferred to stay in tents, a couple of us decided to put on our raincoats and go closer to others' tents so that all of us could play a game of antakshari, a spoken parlour game.

After a couple of hours, the rain stopped for a short while and the sun came out. And now is when I saw the most beautiful site of the trek so far. A dual rainbow, one of them so close that I could almost feel like I could touch it. This was one of those moments where you feel words cannot describe your emotions.

The campsite, Patar Nachauni was harsher than we expected. It was a muddy terrain and the rains just made the situation worse as it became extremely slippery. Because of the altitude, the winds were chillier and the water was much much colder. It was hard washing our cutlery in this weather.

Towards evening, it was continuing to drizzle and we went to bed, hoping that we would have a clear sky the next day for our trek to the highest campsite. But little did we realize that not only was that from happening, we actually had something totally different in store for us!

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