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Roopkund Trek - Day 4: Short visit to Ali Bugyal (altitude: 12200 ft)

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Day 3: Trekking to the most beautiful campsite - Bedni Bugyal (altitude: 11500 ft).

Got up in the morning with the following view from my tent. Now, how often do we get to see something like this?

Although this was a break day, implying that we wouldn't be heading for the next campsite, there was still a short trek planned to the top of Bedni, known as Ali Bugyal. Part of the reason for this was also to allow for acclimatization. Here is a picturesque view from the top of Ali Bugyal.

On our way back from Bedni Top to the campsite, we dropped by at a lake nearby, where one of our guides Devender narrated a story related to the lake.

We returned pretty early to our campsite and it was a relaxed day. This campsite actually had the facility to hold two trekking groups, and we had another group today who had just arrived from Ghairoli Patal. Consisting mostly of footballers, this group was much fit than ours. We came up with a new game wherein you have a person standing in the centre of the cril and you got to hit him with the frisbee. And it took quite some effort to get some of the other group' trekkers out.

And who says a cricket stadium is needed for playing cricket?

Later in the evening, I was having a discussion with Amarnath, Siddharth and Rahul. Coincidentally, all four of us were travelling solo and somehow the conversation steered in this direction. Siddharth, a software engineer from Hyderabad, seemed to be quite in favour of travelling solo as one tends to mingle considerably more with others. He was discussing his experiences of his travel in U.K. when he had been there for work. I, on the other hand, felt that travelling solo vs. a group, both of them had their pros-and-cons. For me, it was sort of a funny experience. I did leave solo from Hyderabad, but all through the trek, I had the company of the trekking batch, although I had known none of them before.

As was the daily routine, we had soup followed by dinner. I decided to watch a movie before calling it a day and going to sleep!

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