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Roopkund Trek - Departing from Hyderabad

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Getting Ready.

My journey for the trek started with my departure from Hyderabad airport on Sep 16 afternoon. Ensuring that I make the most of my free lounge access :), I had a quick lunch at the airport Plaza Premium Lounge before boarding the flight destined to Delhi.

My awe for nature started about 5 mins of boarding the flight. This is because I got to see some pretty scenic views of the clouds from within the plane. I've mostly taken evening flights and this view of the clouds in the morning was a bit unexpected.

Upon reaching Delhi airport, I took a bus followed by the metro and an auto to go to the Delhi Cant railway station. I was to catch a train to Kathgodam, the place from where Indiahikes had arranged for pick up. The wise thing would have been to take a cab directly from the airport but I somehow thought that the Delhi Metro would have direct connectivity to the station and decided to try it out. I was lucky in that I had a good 4 hours of time between my flight arrival and the train departure, because of which, although I got delayed experimenting with the Delhi metro, I still had enough time to make it to the railway station.

It was at this railway station that I met my first trek mate - Arjun. A karate expert, Arjun has a black belt in the sport and he also teaches it in Bangalore. He recently graduated and was looking for opportunities in the Middle East. And this trek sure turned out to be a memorable one for him as it was sometime during the trek that he got to know that his application to one of the companies in the Middle East was accepted.

The Ranikhet express train arrival was delayed by 30 mins and we boarded it as soon as it arrived. After a quick supper at the next station, Old Delhi, the train continued to our destination, Kathgodam.

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