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Roopkund Trek - Arriving at Hyderabad

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Day 9: Driving back to Kathgodam and heading for home.

We reached Delhi railway station before sunrise. Having a flight to catch in a few hours, I headed to the airport with few other trek mates who had a flight to catch as well.

Upon reaching the airport, I had a quick breakfast at the Domestic Lounge and hoped on to the flight to Hyderabad. As I flew through the clouds, I recollected about the events in the past few days and how true what Shivam, our trek lead said was - "When we have a lot of new experiences, time feels to slow down". And the last one week certainly felt a whole longer. I think it was also a moment of realization that I need to focus on having more newer experiences to continue to keep me motivated and energetic in life.

After a couple of hours, I finally landed in my hometown, Hyderabad and was back with my wife and kid.

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