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Roopkund Trek - Summing up my experience

This post is part of Roopkund Trek - An unforgettable adventure!. The previous article in the series is Arriving at Hyderabad.

Some of the key learnings for me from the trek were:

  • Exercise and be physically fit before your trek. People often underestimate the level of fitness required for trekking. A good target for a medium-difficult trek such as Roopkund would be to jog 4 km in 30 mins or brisk walk 5 km in 45 mins (or equivalent aerobic exercises). Equally important is that you focus on stretching so that your body is flexible.
  • Give time to break in new shoes. Don't buy them at the last minute and directly start trekking.
  • Don't rely on a poncho. When it rains, it rains pretty bad and having a raincoat is much better.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. It is recommended to drink at least 4-5 litres of water while trekking.
  • Keep measuring your oxygen levels and pulse using an oximeter. If your oxygen levels are falling, you should consider going on a course of Diamox.
  • Be ready for unexpected events. Not everything might go as planned and accept it. This is the whole point of the trek.
  • When trekking with a larger group, you will have to maintain some average pace. If you want to do it at your own pace (either slower or faster), then you can consider forming a private group with a private guide.
  • Indiahikes makes your trek safe and comfortable, to an extent where you feel part of a family. I would highly recommend it.

So, what about the experience of going on a holiday all by oneself? Well, there are two things here: one is going on a holiday alone and the second being trekking solo. Frankly speaking, considering that I have always been with a group except for my flight to-and-fro from my hometown, it didn't feel like I was travelling alone. However, at times, it did feel that travelling with a known group of friends or family, would have been much more fun. Trekking solo, however, is a completely different experience, something which I don't think I want to do anytime soon!

About two years ago, I had done the Valley of flowers trek and also went on my first international holiday to Thailand. I've always been wanting to blog about them but somehow never did it and have completely stopped blogging. With the Roopkund trek blog, I hope to restart blogging and blog more frequently going ahead!


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