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Advice On Marriage

Recently two women spoke the words in which I firmly believe.

The first was by my friend Veena. Her brother (my very close buddy) and her parents had been on the lookout for a suitable alliance for her. While she initially seemed fine with it, very soon she got very confused about the kind of life partner she was looking for. A couple of weeks back she called up her brother and told him that she would want some time for herself to know more about herself and think about what it was that she would like to have in her life partner. Needless to say, my friend (her brother) happily agreed.


People Love To Hate

As I grow older and as I see things happening in my society, I've begun to realize that "People Love To Hate". Anything goes wrong and they take out all their hatred and anger against someone. I cannot take a better example for this than the recent Mumbai blasts. Something has gone terribly wrong and what do people do? They curse the politicians and blame the Indian Intelligence Agencies. They see Ram Gopal Varma at the blast site the next day and they begin to call him names.


Say No To Dowry

A mail I had sent to one of my friends who said that she did not like giving dowry but was helpless as everyone in her caste expected it.


From: Rahul Amaram
To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: think about this


The Detoriating Quality of Indian News Channels

Gone are the good old days of DD News when the entire day's news were covered in about half an hour. Now is the period of 24-hour news channels. And along with it, gone are the days when news actually was something important. The following few instances really make me wonder whether what I'm watching are news channels or entertainment channels:


A Moment of Truth

Today I free myself. I had been unable to see why I have been haunted for so many years. But today I somehow realized this as I lay in my bed. It is probably those very few moments of truth which you come across your life. And it surprises me that it had been so simple yet I failed to see it.


Come on guys ... "It's only a game"

Any guess which game I am talking about? If you are from India, then you'd have no second thoughts reg. the game I am talking about - "Cricket". Plzzzzzzzzzzz, will someone tell me why do people here treat cricket like THE MOST IMPORTANT thing of our country? I've gone nuts trying to understand this. After all it is just a game. So enjoy it. Get involved. Be passionate. It is as simple as that.

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