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The Detoriating Quality of Indian News Channels

Gone are the good old days of DD News when the entire day's news were covered in about half an hour. Now is the period of 24-hour news channels. And along with it, gone are the days when news actually was something important. The following few instances really make me wonder whether what I'm watching are news channels or entertainment channels:

1. A girl falls into a bore well shaft and she is rescued later. This had been broadcast live by all the TV channels through out that day. In the evening, I switched on the TV to know the day's headlines and I checked about 6 news channels and the only thing being relayed was about the rescue effort.

2. Dalip Singh Rana (better known as The Great Khali) is a professional wrestler from India who seems to have created quite some sensation outside India. I'm happy that someone from our country is popular outside. But I was completely pissed off on watching "Headlines Today" the day he returned to India. Because throughout the day the only thing they telecast was his arrival and what he was doing for that entire day. Not to forget the endless discussions they have about him. I mean seriously is Khali really such an important person that a news channel be dedicated to him for one whole day?

3. And just about a couple of days back there was another piece of news about a video clip floating in the internet which had a footage of a ghost. They kept repeating that 10 seconds shot for easily about an hour.

And not to forget this kind of information gets classified as "BREAKING NEWS". I can go on and on about the kind of crap news channels show now-a-days. Seriously it makes me wonder is it that there is nothing important happening in India that these news channels have dedicated themselves to showing such content?



I could not agree with you more.
You are spot on!

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i do agree with you rahul.its vt channels specially news channels are showing such kinda news which are not much important for India.the classification of such crap news as Breaking news is also true.its really pathetic!

Thanks for the helpful post.

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