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Cheap Heat Reduction Strategy

We (my colleagues and I) are currently working from a single room in the top floor (which means the room is exposed to the sun almost throughout the day). I was looking for ways to beat the heat other than using an A/C (as it is costly) and Air Cooler (as it would increase humidity which might harm the computer systems). This is what I finally did to address the heat problem.

1. Applied two coats of coolant on the roof. Please note that both the coats shouldn't be applied on the same day. There must be at least a gap of 12 hours. And also you should not apply the coolant it if it is still sunny. We purchased the coolant from Vasanth Hardware Shop located in Krishna Nagar (which is to the left on the road connecting Indra Nagar and Yousufguda) for Rs.120 each. But coolants are generally available in most of the hardware and paints shops.

2. Purchased 4 vatti vella chapalu (these are mats made out of some scented roots) and hung it to the windows. We initially looked for them in Erragada. There was one shop selling them for Rs.120 each. We weren't satisfied with the quality as it was not thick. And it is necessary that these be thick so that they absorb and retain water. Later through some reference we got to know of another shop "Kerala Coir Mats" (located to the left on the main road connecting Ameerpet junction to Greenpark Hotel before Jayaduraga Furnishings opposite to Vijaya Textiles). Here they were selling the lower quality mats for Rs.75 and they were better quality mats available for Rs.150. As we were purchasing 4, we convinced him to sell them for Rs.115 bucks each :). Also if you don't sit directly under a fan you might feel sultry when using these mats :).

And the result? Pretty good. The temperature might have gone down by probably 10 degrees centigrade or more when compared to previously. Of course, it is necessary that you wet the mats regularly (we do it thrice in a day - morning, noon and evening) so that the room remains cool.

On a side note, someone had suggested us that we could stick thermocol directly above the roof. But we got to know from a hardware shop that it is not very effective and that it is a very complicated procedure. Hence we dropped this idea.



What do we call "vatti vella chapalu" in english..? I am in Bangalore and I am looking for same solution, but I don't know what should I ask for.

Sorry, but I don't know what would you call those in English.

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